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Self Love On Valentine's Day

​It’s Valentine’s Day today. Some people love it; others hate it. I’m somewhat indifferent to it at this point in my life. I’d be more than happy to celebrate it, but I’m also totally good not. I do send little valentines to my kids though. This year it was Thin Mints! As for my husband, he is firmly in the “not” group.

But Valentine's Day (or Heart Day) doesn't have to be about romance or even loving others. Whether you have a significant other, kids that you celebrate with, or if you’re flying solo, today is a great day to do some self-care. It’s a day literally set aside for love. So, why not give yourself some love. As a parent you are often last in line for that--but you know you deserve some, right? So here are some ideas to take care of you this Valentine’s Day.

Prime Yourself

When you get up in the morning, prime yourself for a good day. We are primed to have certain outcomes to our day, whether we realize it or not, that will influence our emotions and actions. This quick ritual can put us more in control of them. As soon as you get up (or later if you forget!), here are three quick things to do.

  1. Say 3 Things you are Exceedingly Grateful For - This sets your mindset. People are often said to “wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” but this gets you focused in a positive place and puts you in a solid mindset.

  2. Say Two Things You Want To Crush That Day - What are two things you really want to get done or knock out of the park? You cannot hit a target if you don’t know what it is. Be specific and clear.

  3. Close Your Eyes and Visualize - Picture yourself leaving your home, having good interactions, and getting things done. There is a reason that sports psychologists use visualization with athletes - it makes the outcomes more likely.

Design Your Morning Ritual

What else could make you feel motivated and excited for the day? Think about including the following aspects: meditation, morning journaling or affirmations. Or simply listen to your favorite music while getting ready or sitting down with a cup of tea for 5 minutes to plan your day — whatever it is that gets you in the right mindset to tackle anything that comes your way.

Relax and De-stress

1. Find an essential oil or natural scent that makes you breath deeply it's so good. Lavender lotion, a peppermint candle, or some cedarwood dabbed on your temples or in a diffuser are great ways to nourish your soul.

2. Read a book - Maybe curl up with a blanket and a book instead of your phone.

3. Go for a Walk - Take a lunch time walk or a 5 min break at work to get some fresh air.

4. Stretch - We store tension and stress in our bodies and it takes a toll. Try downward dog or some full body stretch. Releasing the kinks makes a huge difference in how my body--and mind--feels.

Do Something That Makes You Smile

No explanation needed here. Figure out what makes you smile and make that a daily practice.

Schedule Soul Time

What are the things that make you feel cozy? Maybe it’s a massage, taking a bubble bath, reading or enjoying a good glass of wine. Make a list of some of your favorite things and try to make one happen each week.

Be Open

Sometimes having a great day or being on the receiving end of a ton of goodness can be as simple as being open to it. Many of us find it easier to give than to receive. Try to open up: accept a compliment or an offer of help. They may just warm your heart.

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