Keeping It Real

I'm a not-so-perfect mom of two. I know first hand the challenges of raising a child with anxiety as well as ADHD and some depression. So believe me when I tell you I understand the ups, the downs and the downright uglies of parenting.

Teenagers can be a mystery--interesting and fun one minute, silent or having a fit the next.  They can make you feel like you are at your wit's end. You can be doing everything right and things still feel wrong.  The high pressure and nonstop expectations are so difficult to navigate and balance as a family or individually. It is simply exhausting to try to do and say everything right.

For other families, they need help adjusting to new living arrangments or behavioral issues. Getting reacquainted after divorce, living apart or facing issues of drugs, drinking, eating disorders can feel sad, scary and sometimes impossible. 


Sometimes parents simply need a reality check. I can be that--for the parent, the teen, or the whole family. I offer

 coaching and parenting advice from the trenches: a non-judgmental ear and tips/feedback based on the science, psychology, and reality of parenting.

As an author, commentator, and mother of two I bring real-life observations and advice that help you navigate the angst, anger, fear, changing friendships and new risky behaviors, especially for teens. Her insightfulness comes with a good dose of humor and the simple recognition that no matter how hard we may try, none of us is a perfect parent. I've dealt with teens with ADHD, anxiety, and depression so my suggestions and counsel is rooted in reality and comes from the heart

I am not a  therapist. I am a teen and parent coach. I listen and ask questions but also have opinions, ideas, and experiences I'm willing to share. I offer a non-judgmental ear,  encouragement, and practical suggestions--advice from the trenches-- to make connecting in the family easier. You're the real expert on your family, but I can add effective support and perspective. I come at it all with heart, a good dose of humor and the simple recognition that no matter how hard we may try, none of us is a perfect parent. 


  • Parent and Teen Coach

  • Speaker at G3 Mother/Daughter Conference

  • CTI Co-Active Coaching

  • Certified Domestic Violence Advocate

  • Certified Teen Suicide Prevention Advocate

  • Facilitator Training

  • Published Expert Parenting Contributor 

  • Suicide prevention hotline; Domestic violence Safe House

  • Board Member, Marin Wellness Initiative

  • Board Member, Mill Valley Aware

  • Parenting Coach on Family5 Parenting APP

  • Podcast Guest/Expert Contributor

  • BA in Psychology

  • Experience mitigating Stress, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Anorexia and Chronic Illness.

  • Featured in YourTeen, Grown&Flown, ScaryMommy, Huffington Post, The Mighty, RealityMoms, Thrive Global, ADDitude and Parent Co.

  • Member, The Psychology Network, Parenting 2.0

  • Board Member,  Tam High Foundation

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