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ADHD and Anxiety Coach
for Parents, Teens, and Young Adults

Understand and navigate ADHD and Anxiety
without losing your mind!

Shift from chaos to connection, and stop that downward spiral.

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"Stop the Downward Spiral" by downloading the first 2 chapters of my upcoming book for FREE



Are you at your wits' end, struggling with your child? Tired of repeating yourself, nagging or feeling stuck in a negative space?

 Or is your teen struggling with executive function, school, motivation, or friends? 

Perhaps you have a young adult or college student who is struggling with academics,  social situations, self-esteem, and motivation. Adulting is tough, especially with ADHD or Anxiety.

I've got you. I've been there, and it's hard. But I can help.

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, or Depression, we parents are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. We are often not aware of the social and emotional impact that these struggles have on learning, motivation, behavior, communication, and the whole family dynamic.  Executive functioning affects all parts of our lives at home and at school.


I help parents and families understand and navigate these challenges by giving them tools and practical strategies that allow them to communicate and parent more effectively. As a result, my clients have a more peaceful home, feel closer to their children, and can handle the challenges with confidence and grace.


When I work with teens and young adults, I address self-esteem and confidence as well as executive function, and emotional regulation challenges. I offer accountability and tools for organizing, breaking things down, and handling overwhelm. I support and encourage them on how to advocate for themselves, develop resilience, reframe their thoughts, manage their emotions, and increase self-confidence.  We will reduce anxiety and stress, improve communication, and cultivate more independence and accountability. No more losing your mind.


Are you ready to calm the chaos and connect?

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 I came to Dana in crisis mode with my daughter who suffers from anxiety. Although she is in therapy, I needed someone to help support me. I got that and much more. I now have the tools to be able to care for my daughter, the rest of my family, and very importantly, myself. Everything we talked about was action-oriented and achievable. Dana is like a very wise friend who has an endless supply of ideas and patience and is incredibly easy to talk to.

Kara T.

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