Understand And Navigate Your Teen's ADHD And Anxiety
Without Losing Your Mind

Are you at your wits' end, struggling with your teen? Is your teen struggling with school, isolation or friends? 


When a child is diagnosed with ADHD or Anxiety, parents are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. We are often not aware of the social and emotional impact that ADHD has on learning, motivation, behavior, and the whole family dynamic.    


I empower families with tools and practical strategies to address behavioral, executive function, and emotional regulation challenges. We will reduce stress, improve communication, and cultivate more independence and accountability. No more losing your mind.


Are you ready to calm the chaos?


Natalie F.

All I can say is I was completely overwhelmed with the ADHD diagnosis. This huge report made it seem so daunting and like i'd never be able to help my daughter enough. But now i can breathe. I understand the disordr and how/why her brain works and we've been able to adapt our expectations and also ease off on the nagging and pressure which didn't help any of us. She really did bring us from chaos to calm. Thank you, Dana.