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Are you struggling with your teen’s moods and BIG emotions?


Do you want to learn how to motivate your teen without nagging?


Maybe your teen is battling Anxiety and vaping to relax.


Or you're worried about your teen's social life and lack thereof. 


If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is for you!

I am launching an circle for exclusively for parents whose kids struggle with Anxiety or ADHD.

Join my small group coaching and go from overwhelm and frustration to connection and calm. Learn to lower stress so you

Practice skills to help you CONNECT with your teen. You will walk away feeling calm; with concrete tools you can use to make life better at home and form a stronger bond and understanding of your teen.

 To find out more about the
Parenting Circle:

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For many of our kids, virtual learning and a lack of social interaction have made this year extremely stressful, anxiety-producing, and often difficult academically. That's a lot to handle, and they need our support. As parents, we also need support. Join my list to receive more information about the exclusive circle, get articles, advice, & videos ,from time to time.

When you join the circle,

here’s what you’ll get:

One on one Zoom Call

Video Conference

In my group coaching membership, we will hop on Zoom together twice a month to learn some tools and techniques for navigating these roller-coaster years.