What is Coaching?

When you hire a coach, you hire someone who works in partnership with you to help you achieve the life you want, both personally and professionally. I can help you to clarify who you are, what you want, what's blocking you, and then I work with you to move you forward. Coaches help clients come up with their own solutions and helps to keep them motivated towards achieving great results. A coach is not a counselor in that the focus is not on the problem, but on the solution. Coaches also contribute their own expertise and knowledge around a variety of topics.

What is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach works with parents to help them become the parent they want to be.  I can help you with any parenting concerns you have--whether it's behavior issues, homework hell, or power struggles. Sometimes just having another person to talk to and get perspective helps.

I'm here to help you be the parent you want to be--because none of us is a perfect parent. We want to be effective, wise and loving but sometimes our anger or exhaustion or fear gets the better of us! And if we are unhappy in our relationships or work, that takes a real toll and can prevent us from being the parent we really want to be. Maybe we're having a moment where we're unfulfilled in our significant relationships or are struggling with unmet needs, abuse, an absent partner, or an uneven distribution of labour. Sometimes, despite feeling grateful for our children, our partners, our families and friends, we have a sense that something is missing from our lives or we just aren't feeling the joy we want to feel.

As a parenting coach, I can coach you on any of these life issues or others, plus provide you with effective parenting tools to help you navigate single parenting or coparenting. The majority of my coaching is done over the telephone; I also coach via Zoom or Skype if preferred. 

I'd be happy to hop on a short complimentary call to hear about what you are dealing with and see how I can best help. Email me some times that work and we can chat. I look forward to hearing from you: dana@parentinginreallife.org.  


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