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The Ultimate,
College Application Planner

Feeling overwhelmed with the college search process?

Looking for a way to apply to college easily and efficiently?


You are not alone; but this downloadable, simple workbook walks you through every step you need to take
and how to do it.


Everything you need is in here, including:

  • How to make the most of your college visit (or virtual)

  • Interview questions and how to prepare

  • How to develop your college essay

  • Essay prompts, topics and what to avoid!

  • Details about letters of recommendations

  • Financial and scholarship information

Keep track of all of the colleges you’re looking at, as well as their environment, rankings, cost, size, teacher/student ratio, what you like, what you don’t like and whether it’s a reach, 50/50 or a safety school. 


A Place For Everything, and Everything in it’s Place!!

So easy to use. Just download and start typing…

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Want a sneak peak into the Planner before you buy?



Clicking on the image opens a PDF in a new window.

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